August 15, 2016

Vancouver family photography: Capturing real moments, not just Facebook updates

Written by Mauricio Chandia

family photographer vancouver

In my experience as a photographer, I’ve noticed that taking family portraits is not only lots of fun, but also one of the most important events your family can have.

A family photo shoot is at once a moment for creating lasting, happy memories for your kids, and an opportunity to encourage a profound and enduring family bond that will grow over time and reinforce positive emotions in your children. Even in this digital age where everyone has a camera, getting professional portraits that truly show your family at their best is the perfect way to celebrate this special time together.

It’s about saving the moment as a keepsakefamily photography vancouver

Family photography in Vancouver today sometimes seems to be about simply showing people the members of your family for use in a card or an e-mail chain.

For me, though, the true value of family photos, especially in Vancouver, is to capture that exact moment in time for your family. By recalling the smells around you, the colours and scenery you experienced in that moment, every time you look at the picture, you’ll be transported back to that specific time and place.

I truly believe that photos have much more impact when they aren’t intended purely for Facebook, but when the photo is meant to teleport you back in time to the genuine smiles and laughs your family shared that day.

Imagine being in Stanley Park with your child running around the woods, or on the beaches in Kits – these memories will be that much more potent when you can see the intense greens of the forest or smell the salty ocean fragrances captured within the images.

By working extensively with families for years, I can recognize the fact that those that hire a family photographer in Vancouver are those that really understand and cherish the idea of a family unit. It’s not just by coincidence either: psychologists say that getting family photographs can instil positive values in children by reinforcing a solid, family dynamic. In my experience, I have seen this and I love working with families for this precise reason.

The importance of all photography is to capture those small, almost insignificant details that you and your family will remember for the rest of your lives.

The uncommon angle: Going over and above (and down low)

Families that meet me will tell you I’m not your average family photographer in Vancouver. The main reason is: I’m not shy to do what it takes to get the uncommon angle, or a different perspective, for your family photos.

I’ve been known to roll around on the ground, get upside down and even find high perches in order to capture your moment in a truly special way.

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Mauricio adopts a personal approach to photography, helping people rediscover themselves and bringing out the best in them. He captures your best moments so that they can be forever cherished.

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