August 24, 2016

This is what I love most about being a Vancouver family photographer

Written by Mauricio Chandia

family photographer vancouver

There’s a lot to shooting family portraits that I’ll never get tired of. All the smiling faces and happy families really warm my soul to see, and I’m always at my personal best when I’m having fun. I love family photography sessions in Vancouver not only because this city is filled with some of the happiest, funniest and most beautiful people in the world, but also because the city itself reflects that. We live in a marvellous city and being able to work as a family photographer in Vancouver is an honour.

None of these points compare to how much I love shooting kids’ portraits, however.

I absolutely love kids. I love playing with them to get them to smile. I love reassuring them if they’re shy in front of the camera. I love seeing in real time how my work benefits families, because I can tell that the moment is special for them. I love capturing their memories in photos so you can cherish them forever.

Capturing your family in your happiest momentsfamily photographer vancouver mauricio chandia

It’s important to show happiness and comfort in family photos, and living in Vancouver makes this very easy. I’ve had the pleasure countless times to go to a family home and put them all into the best mood possible for taking photos. I love making friends with kids and setting the parents at ease. It’s even easier to do all of this because of all the amazing nature that surrounds our city – once you incorporate a family into the great outdoors, it’s hard to stay unsure and anxious!

Dealing with weather and such

Knowing what to do in situations that are often difficult fills me with confidence as well, and trains me to be even better with people than I naturally am. As beautiful as Vancouver is, it regularly rains during photo shoots and this tends to cause undue stress on the family. In my time, however, I’ve noticed that if you can handle the situation well, then it can turn into a pleasurable moment for everyone involved. Plus, you can get some great pictures of kids smiling and jumping around in the rain, or of you and your partner on a covered deck, with the raindrops as your background.

family photographer vancouver mauricio chandia

I love being a photographer

I’d never have it any other way!
I’ll always remember moments like these, because they’re all the reasons I got into the business in the first place. Whether it’s a sunny, bright day with a laughing and happy family, or a rainy afternoon when taking photos are the last thing on your mind (but first on mine), I can get the best shots possible from them.


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