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Teresa Family Teasers 2

Sometime during the holidays, I had this vision come to me about a Christmas themed photo session and decided to offer it to my favorite families. So, I asked Teresa & Neel and they jumped at my proposal. I'm always blown away by how cooperative and happy their two lovely children are. Their two maternal grandparents were also a joy. The best part of all, a week into January and their home was perfectly preserved in all its Christmas glory. They even had all the props prepared for me. Needless to say, I had an unforgettable afternoon making photos and Christmas memories with them. Thank you family!


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Wednesday, 03 August 2016 12:03


vancouver family photography


On one hand, smartphone cameras are a complete blessing. Moms and dads take more photos than ever, because it’s so easy.

We're all armed with iPhones. Within moments, we can capture and review dozens of photos and select only the best to keep in our digital photo albums.

However, few parents consider that something – or rather, someone – is missing from these cherished photographs: yourselves.

With the exception of a few selfies here and there, parents are so rarely seen in their Vancouver family photos. So many of us have become DIY family photographers, but a very important part of the family is missing from these pictures.


Why we still need Vancouver family photographers

family portraits vancouver

I still believe wholeheartedly in professional family photography for Vancouver parents.

You – the mom or the dad – deserve to be in pictures with your kids. Because these are the photos you’ll cherish for years, even decades, and will display in frames around your house to show to guests, and to glance at as you hurry past.

As a Vancouver family photographer, I have nothing against iPhone photos of kids. It’s just that, every now and then, it’s important to get photos that bring the whole family together into one image that looks great and truly captures a moment in your family’s life together.

While iPhone photos are fun and easy, professional family portraits always turn out better, and are worth displaying at home. These are the photos we’ll look at time and again, as opposed to the quick snaps we save on our phones and rarely review.

Most importantly, though, professional family portraits make sure that everyone – even you – is part of the picture and looking their best, playing with the kids, grinning in a completely carefree way.


Photographing unfiltered emotion with your children

family photography vancouver

Some of the best photographs I’ve taken in my time as a Vancouver family photographer are candid shots of parents and their kids, simply being together. There’s a certain level of emotion that reveals itself when your family forgets there’s a camera nearby, and those real moments of everyday life together shine through. Those are the kinds of photos I love to capture for your family, but are so rare, even to the point of being impossible, when there’s an iPhone in the room, poised for a selfie.

Please look over my gallery of family photography taken in Vancouver, or the photos on my Facebook. I’d be honoured to have you call me at 778.858.1862 about organizing a photo shoot with your loved ones.



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